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[26 Jun 2017|03:44am]


hi! i'm finally getting around to this, i'm sorry for being slow. this is claire, an irish girl living in sleepy hollow. she's a kindergarten teacher, probably because they're the only people with enough energy to keep up with her. having grown up with four brothers, she's pretty active and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. she's warm, creative and strong, and if you're her friend, you're pretty much a friend for life. she's the ex-girlfriend of [info]boothe, but other than that, i'm completely open and would love to find friends for her!

this is all over the place, masterchef has 95% of my attention... [21 Jun 2017|09:01pm]


Hey everyone! I just applied this Niall and I wanted to drop in and see about some lines. I'll make this as short as possible. Brendhan is the younger brother of [info]berae so hi, I know there are some cousins in game and I may have missed a comment on my ~pbads post (sorry about that)! He is twenty-two years old, just finished his junior year at NYU and will be entering his senior year come fall where he is studying social work. Brend has always been a bit of a social chameleon, he fits in with all different groups and never has a problem making friends. He lives in Sleepy Hollow, so if anyone needs a roommate in the area! He works at a coffee shop but i never said which in case anyone was also looking for a co-worker. He is kind, goofy, addicted to movies and actually spent the past several months watching every single thing on netflix due to a dare of a friend and is proud of himself almost completing this. He likes to read but not as much as he used to, loves music, hiking, studying like a nerd, learning new things. I'd love to find some close friends, best friends, friends his age and those older, I'd love to get any lines! He is also friends with [info]smasen if that helps as well!

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